Enterprise DNA Certified

BINav is pleased to announce their certification with Enterprise DNA. This certification is achieved by slightly more than 1% of EDNA members. Microsoft certifications tend to be just written tests, difficult but nontheless pure tests of technical knowledge. EDNA certifiaction is based on actual Power BI Report development and real world problem solving.

If you’re looking to get to grips with Power BI training and development look no further than the vast amount of learning material published by Enterprise DNA

If you require assistance with your Power BI project then get in touch with us at BINav and we can discuss your requirements

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I have spent many years as a Finance Director managing all the things FD's do. Close to my heart is the topic of getting accurate, timely and meaningful information (not data) to the management team and then helping them act on it. Many Power BI Apps seem cluttered with data overload. Just because the App can doesn't mean it should.

I have started BiNaviagation to help businesses get started with Power BI. So if you wish to comment on a similar journey or wish for me to get involved and offer some assistance, then leave a post or contact us.

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