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I have spent many years as a Finance Director managing all the things FD's do. Close to my heart is the topic of getting accurate, timely and meaningful information (not data) to the management team and then helping them act on it. Many Power BI Apps seem cluttered with data overload. Just because the App can doesn't mean it should.

I have started BiNaviagation to help businesses get started with Power BI. So if you wish to comment on a similar journey or wish for me to get involved and offer some assistance, then leave a post or contact us.

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  1. Hi everyone
    Welcome to the Bi Navigation blog page. If you wish to blog about all things Power BI, Power Query and accounting, then leave a comment here. There are plenty of tech help sites out there an we can offer some level of tech support. This blog however is really designed for people to comment on their journey and how Power BI helped their business.

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