Management accounts are the most important financial tool for business. It is the definitive result of management time and effort in running an operation. The production of MA can be a time consuming process especially with poor spreadsheet design.

For a vision of what is possible with Power BI view our simple solution and complex solution by following the links.

Whilst excel is usually the tool of choice for MA, Power BI is by far a better choice. Power BI enables you to quickly:

  • compare actuals to budgets and previous years.
  • compare departments, sites, divisions and companies.
  • slice and dice across months, quarters, half years, and years.
  • compare any time period.
  • rank departments and managers.
  • drill down any amount by company, site, department or ledger code.
  • drill down to trends across time.
  • consolidate a multi-company group.
  • publish and distribute financial reports to third parties or internally.
  • view financials graphically with easy to use dashboards.
  • tailor dashboard KPIs and change them to whichever aspect of the business may be causing concern.
  • view balance sheets and cashflows as well as profit and loss.

At BINavigation we are experts in the development of Power BI financials. We can manage both a very simple financial structure, but also a complex, multicompany, multidepartment organisation. Just click on the links below to see what is possible with Power BI.

If you just want a job done then contact us. We’ll transform your management accounting. Alternatively, if you wish to roll your own check out our YouTube channel on how to develop your own solution