Motor Dealers

Motor Trade Management Accounts

Dealer management systems are excellent at transactional processing and integrating sales and costs into accounting ledgers. Many of them fall short, however, in provision of management accounts and budgeting packages. This leaves the finance team managing the journey of the ledger amounts through numerous excel workbooks to provide meaningful financial analysis to run the business as well as meet compliance requirements.

View a demo of a dealer group to see what is possible for dealer accounting in Power BI. For a guided walkthrough please contact us.

At BINavigation we have a financial package tailored for motor dealers. Whether you’re a large group or a single dealership we can accommodate your requirements. Built in Power BI and SQL Server our package enables you to:

  • switch and compare actuals to budgets and previous years.
  • compare departments, sites, divisions and companies.
  • slice and dice across months, quarters, half years, and years.
  • compare any time period.
  • rank departments and managers.
  • drill down any amount by company, site, department or ledger code.
  • drill down to trends across time.
  • consolidate a multi-company group.
  • publish and distribute financial reports to third parties or internally.
  • view financials graphically with easy to use dashboards.
  • tailor dashboard KPIs and change them to whichever aspect of the business may be causing concern.
  • view balance sheets and cashflows as well as profit and loss.

Motor Trade Budgeting

All financial packages work optimally with an integrated budgeting suite. BINavigation’s financial suite in Power BI is supported by a simple to use bottom-up budgeting application. Starting with Q3 YTD amounts, the package builds a detailed forecast for the current year and moves onto building a budget for the forthcoming year.

To discuss the possibilities of a Power BI integrated budget process, contact us for a demonstration.

Built from the bottom up the software:

  • allows preparation of a full year forecast for current year for budget comparison.
  • includes the budget period by month, together with previous 4 year’s history for comparison.
  • pre-populates inputs with previous 12 months history.
  • full salary budgeting by employee, including starters and leavers during the year, cross dept allocation.
  • enables budget comparison of departments across companies and divisions.
  • copies final budget to management accounting in seconds.

Built with the familiar Excel interface, but integrated to Power BI, transitioning the numbers from budget to management accounts is straight forward. Consequently there is no requirement to distribute pdfs/Excel workbooks during the prep process, just push the current state of play to Power BI for senior manager review.

Motor Trade Reporting

Spending too much money on analysis software? Mixed messages on your vehicle margins? Multiple versions of truth? In and out of different software and up and down menus to get what you need? Struggling with complex report writers?

Let BINav help you out. We have many years’ experience in Keyloop report generator and would be happy to take on report writing tasks. Although we’d rather introduce you to Power BI.

At BINav we believe that nothing stands still and nothing could be more true of business reporting. Forget the buzzwords like BI, business intelligence, pareto, dashboards etc. You just need the right information at the right time, presented the right way and most importantly with access to it quickly and easily.

With good report design in Power BI this is all possible. As proof of concept check out our vehicle margin report here. Whatever aspect of your dealership, you wish to analyse, Power BI can make it happen. If you’re interested in developing your own skills in Power Bi reporting or can see the potential and need to have reports written, then we can help. Just contact us to discuss your requirements.