Financial Planning

Budget preparation can be a time-consuming process. With BINavigation’s budgeting suite we can take the pain away from the number preparation, leaving you more time to discuss where the business is heading. True financial planning process consider business advancement, then come the financials. Not the other way round.

Fully integrated into BINavigation’s Power BI financial suite, our bottom-up budgeting package:

  • easily leads you through the budget process.
  • allows preparation of a full year forecast for current year for budget comparison.
  • includes the budget period by month, together with previous 4 year’s history for comparison.
  • pre-populates inputs with previous 12 months history.
  • full salary budgeting by employee, including starters and leavers during the year, cross dept allocation.
  • enables budget comparison of departments across companies and divisions.
  • copies final budget to management accounting in seconds.

If you feel your budgeting process could be improved then contact us for a demo or to find out more about budgeting with Power BI financials.